TopCPU.lha (MorphOS only!) Readme History
TopCPU is a cpu monitor which displays upto 5 top tasks with their cpu usage. Additionally it displays the total system cpu usage.

There is a text field and a gauge for each of the tasks and for the system cpu usage representing the current cpu usage.

There is also a contextmenu for the top tasks to set the tasks priority to -1, 0, 1 or with a requester, for freezing/activating a task and for breaking a task with ctrl-C,D,E or F.

The window border will be transparent if the window gets inactive! This can also be adjusted so that the window border is always transparent or never.

The window can be a backdrop window and you can drag the window from everywhere within the window!

Its written with MUI, so thanks goes to Stefan Stuntz for this wunderfull heap of bits;-)

Have fun with it, and if you have some ideas/bug reports send it to TopCPU(at)igrackide.

Here are some screenshots:

With window borders:
TopCPU with window borders

without window borders:
TopCPU without window borders TopCPU without window borders

82.9KB, v1.19, 09.10.11, only for MorphOS!