WebRadio_sbar.lha (MorphOS) Readme

A screen titlebar plug-in class to listen to internet radio stations streaming using ShoutCast protocol in MPEG audio format (usually MP3, MPEG-1 Layer III)
*Note* that it cannot decode other stream formats like Ogg Vorbis, WMA or AAC+

It's based on CgmRadio v2.0 from Grzegorz Kraszewski. Thanks Krashan!

If you click on the WebRadio icon WebRadio Iconin the screenbar, you can choose to start audio streaming/playing by selecting a station from the pop-up menu.

WebRadio Menu

You can also record the current station you are listening to by selecting the "Record" option from the pop-up menu.

** Legality Notice **
It is advised that you ONLY RECORD streams if this is allowed!

It's also possible to stop playing or play another radio station while still recording that initial stream!

The path where the recorded stream is saved to, can be changed in the screen titlebar settings (right-click on the top-right screen depth-gadget, select Preferences or Settings). The default path is RAM:.

There is a default radio station list to get you started, which you can edit by choosing the option "Edit Stations" from the pop-up menu item.

WebRadio EditStations Window

Selecting the "Stream info" menu item opens a window with information about the current radio stream.
By opening the Title's popup-list and pressing the right mouse button a context menu opens where you can search for the selected title on the web (https://www.invidio.us) with your standard browser or clear the list. Or just click the Title gadget itself to search for the current title.

WebRadio StreamInfo Window

There is now also an ARexxPort available to control WebRadio from scripts.

ARexxCommands for WebRadio (portname is WEBRADIO):

- show this help

- start playing STATION, NEXT/PREV will play next/prev station (loops at the end or beginning!)
LASTUSED will play last used station (the station before stopping)

- stop playing

- mute/unmute

- get the current title, state (Playing, Stoped, Recording), station name or station list

Just copy the contents from the "SYS" folder to your SYS: partition manually, or execute/double-click the "Install" file to do this.
Then via a right-click on the top-right screen depth-gadget, select Modules>Rescan or reboot.
Note: This is only needed if you install by hand!

Here is a screenshot of the settings:
WebRadio settings Here is a screenshot of the new SearchStations window:
WebRadio SearchStations

Have fun with it, and if you have some ideas/bug reports send it to WebRadio(at)igracki(dot)de.

If you like this screenbar module and/or if you want to donate some money to motivate me, feel free to send me any amount you like via PayPal (send "as a friend" so I don't have to pay fees!)!
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