pspSaveGameMan.lha (MorphOS only!) Readme History
pspSaveGameMan is a manager for the savegames of a Sony Playstation Portable (PSP).

You only have to specify the path to the memorystick of your psp. Then you will see a list of all your savegames on the left side of the window. If you select one of them, all information of this savegame is displayed on the right side including the little picture of the game you see when you browse your savegames on your psp!
You can also backup a savegame (f.e. from psp to hd) to archive all your savegames! If a savegame already exists, a requester shows if its newer and asks if you want to copy it.

Its written with MUI, so big thanks goes to Stefan Stuntz for this wunderfull heap of bits;-)

Have fun with it, and if you have some ideas/bug reports send it to pspSaveGameMan(at)igracki[dot]de.

Here are some screenshots:


v2.0, 21.05.07, only for MorphOS!